Saturday, February 10, 2018

You will Discover How to...

  • Stop Messing Around and Start Achieving Miracle Results in Every Area of Your Life...
  • Setup Successful Systems of Marketing so that New Clients are Coming in Non-Stop...
  • Get Better Control over What Goes on in Your Mind. When You Control the Thoughts going through Your Mind, You'll be Able to get Control over Your Actions, and Your Life...
  • Overcome the Fear that is Holding You Back from Achieving Success
  • Finally Destroy Procrastination and Doubt Out of Your Life Forever
  • Build a Mastermind Team of Champions that will Support Your Dream
  • Earn Huge Income with Time-Tested, Proven Marketing Strategies
  • John Di Lemme will Answer Your Questions LIVE at the Event!

Plus You will Get to Mastermind with John's Elite Coaching Students that have Achieved Radical Results in their Lives and Businesses. Real People with Real Results...

ONLY *4* Seats Left! The Event will SELL OUT!

Your *1* Day Intensive Marketing & Motivation Mastermind Ticket Includes...

  • *1* Full Day of the Marketing & Motivation Mastermind Event in a Locker Room Environment Limited to *25* Champions – Very Interactive, Round Table Workshop
  • Event Starts on Time and Ends on Time From 11:00am to 7:00pm
  • All Training Materials Needed for the Event (...and You OWN Them FOR LIFE!)
  • Catered Lunch is Included - 2:00pm to 3:00pm at the Event Hotel
  • Light Snacks Provided During the Event Breaks... the Snacks are Awesome!
  • Coffee, Tea and Water Available for **FREE** All Day
  • Electronic Refreshment Station Available for Recharging All of Your Electronic Devices While Attending the Event
  • Incredible Event Only Special Offers are Made Only to the Champion Attendees. These Offers are Not Offered Anywhere Else!
  • Always Free Parking and Easy Access to Your Vehicle - No Hassle of Paid Parking or Valet.
  • Awesome Millionaire Atmosphere with No Negative Outside Influence
  • Networking and Getting to Know All of the Other Millionaire Champions
  • John Di Lemme is with the Group the ENTIRE Time Including Lunch and All Event Breaks (Yes, John is with the Group the ENTIRE Time!)
  • PLUS Other Awesome Surprise Bonuses and Special Recognition for All Champions

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John Di Lemme with John Adolfi

Largest Year in 30 Years of Business!

“Since I started coaching with John Di Lemme, my monthly income has gone from $2,000 to $4,000 per month to over $118,000 in just one month. That’s more than I used to make in two years combined! 2016 was my largest year in 30 years of business, and I’ve broke all records so far in 2017. It’s absolutely amazing!”

John Adolfi, Real Estate Broker, Elite Coaching Student, New York

Dr. Sandra Kahn, Oriental Medicine, Elite Coaching Student, Florida

Earned the Most Income in 9 Years…

"Four years ago I was lost, confused, frustrated, and didn't know what to do next in my business. Through John's teachings and mentorship he has taught me how to build my self-belief, self-confidence, and self-worthiness and to accept who I truly am which lays the foundation to implement strategic marketing. Plus I’ve earned the most income in my 9 years of my Oriental Medicine business as well as being in the best physical health in my life! John has built a caring, trusting, supportive, and safe community where we as his students can dream big and achieve our goals. John is an enthusiastic motivator and a marketing genius!”

Dr. Sandra Kahn, Oriental Medicine, Elite Coaching Student, Florida

Michael Zapanta, Physical Therapist, Florida

My Business has Literally Quadrupled!

"Since I started coaching with John Di Lemme, my business has literally quadrupled. Plus I have dramatically increased my rates. My business is absolutely exploding! I’m also more focused on providing extreme customer service, which my clients love! John has also shown me how to market to my clients and build long-term relationships. Absolutely priceless!"

Michael Zapanta, Physical Therapist, Elite Coaching Student, Florida

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Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Consultant, North Carolina

My Income is the Highest Ever…

"John Di Lemme is the best business coach I have ever worked with. You cannot match the level of information, skill and most of all integrity that you get with John. He will be tough when you need to hear it most. My income the last several years with John has been the highest of my entire career. John wants your total success; not just financial. My health is also on its way to being the best it has been in many years. I recommend John entirely and without any reservation."

Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Consultant, Elite Coaching Student, North Carolina

Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner, Florida

My Business has Tripled & Quadrupled!

"I often tell people that John Di Lemme’s mentorship saved my life…it did! I can honestly say that my life was a mess, and my business was nearly nonexistent. Since I started coaching with John and immersing myself in his teachings, my life has radically changed! I love my life! Plus my business has tripled and at times quadrupled. Plus I’ve generated over 5 Million Dollars in business!"

Mark Smith, Construction Company Owner, Elite Coaching Student, Florida

Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Elite Coaching Student, Chiropractor & Holistic Healthcare, Florida

Busiest Year in 21 Years!

"John Di Lemme’s closing and marketing strategies have really changed my life, and ultimately the lives of my patients. My business has grown four times, and this year was my busiest year in 21 years! Plus I’ve written two books, and I’m currently developing my very own meal plans and have hired a professional chef to prepare the meals for my clients. It is just incredible! Thanks a million!"

Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor & Holistic Healthcare, Elite Coaching Student, Florida

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Carol Grant, Lawyer, Florida

My Business has Grown Over 1,000%!

"Since I've been coaching with John, I now know how to deliver extreme customer service to my clients, and my clients are confident in me. I am confident in myself and know I am worthy of success. My marketing actually works and believe it or not, I do no advertising! My income has exploded, and my business has grown over 1,000%!"

Carol Grant, Lawyer, Elite Coaching Student, Florida

Jeff Pryor

Closed 100 Sales in Just 19 Months…

"With John Di Lemme’s Coaching, I’ve closed 100 sales in just 19 months. Prior to that I had only 4 sales in 17 months. My take away here is as I grow so does my business. I’m always working to revamp the how, when, and why. I want to ensure I provide top quality in all that I do. Thank you for your dedication to me and your other students."

Jeff Pryor, Direct Sales, Elite Coaching Student, New York

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